Easy museum tour

16,900 kr.

Route: Selfoss – Icelandic turfhouse in Medalholt –Art museum in Floi parish– Heritage museum in Eyrarbakki – Selfoss
Season: All year
Days of week and departure:
All weekdays upon request.  Pick up at your hotel.
Duration: 3-4 hours
What to bring: Clothes and shoes according to weather
Minimum passengers: 2 pers.
Price p/pers 16.900 ISK


Description of the Tour

Our first stop in the tour, is at the Icelandic turf house in Medalholt.  A house that kept Icelanders alive and nurtured their culture through the centuries.  You can see how they were built, how they were lived in, their origin and cultural context, contemporary significance, subtlety and beauty. Collection of original houses and in detail exhibitions.  A unique place where nature is part of the house.
Our next stop is at “tree and art” (is; tré og list) wich is an art gallery with an artwork made of tree.  At last we stop at the county heritage museum in Eyrarbakki.  There is The House (is: Húsið) wich is one of Iceland’s oldest buildings, built in 1765 when Danish merchants were allowed to overwinter in Iceland for the first time. Merchant families lived in the House for almost two centuries and over that period the House was the center for art and European culture in Iceland; fashion, music an literature spreading from there throughout the country. Eyrarbakki village was at that time one of the largest harbours and trading places in the country, serving farmers along the coastline from the extreme west to the extreme east.


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